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Each year, our town averages 46 inches of rainfall. That’s ten inches over the national average. With that level of annual precipitation, flood and water damage are nearly unavoidable. A flood can strike without warning. And when a flood does strike, you’ll want to immediately contact a team for water damage clean up in Suffolk County, NY. Here at CDM Cesspool Service, we understand the dangers and inconveniences of water damage. When you call our office, we’ll implement our quick dry-up system. Before you know it, your home or commercial building will be back to pristine condition. While you can’t always prevent a flood, you can take steps to minimize damages. When you call CDM Cesspool Service, you can work to avoid:


  • Structural damage 
  • Mold growth 
  • Furniture/property destruction 
  • Loss of power 
  • Transmission of waterborne diseases


As a full-time water cleanup company, we have the training to handle your problem. If your water damage is the result of an internal leak, we’ll find and rectify the source of the issue. Most importantly, we’ll work to eliminate the threat of pathogen or mold growth. Our ultimate goal is to leave you with a property that is clean and safe.

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It is important to address any water damage issues as quickly as possible. For this reason, or team is proud to provide prompt and free estimates for our services. If you notice a leak, call us right away at either of these locations:

Phone: (631) 474-1261

If the damage involves your sewage system, the situation can become serious very quickly. Without the proper care, sicknesses and diseases may spread. Our experts are on standby to lend a helping hand with flood clean up in Suffolk County, NY.


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